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1980 Cessna 172 N (N6454J)
Aircraft Rental
FLYING C rents a 1980 Cessna 172N
IFR equipped to include a Garmin 530.
This is the best rental 172 without a Glass Panel you will find.

Cruise speed: 122 kn (140 mph; 226 km/h)
Stall speed: 47 kn (54 mph; 87 km/h) (power off, flaps down)[72]
Never exceed speed: 163 kn (188 mph; 302 km/h) (IAS)[8]
Range: 696 nmi (801 mi; 1,289 km) with 45 minute reserve, 55% Power, at 12,000 ft
Service ceiling: 13,500 ft (4,100 m)
Rate of climb: 721 ft/min (3.66 m/s)
Wing loading: 14.1 lb/sq ft (68.6 kg/m2)

Single engine training and rental rate for the 172 is as follows:

Aircraft Rental per hour $120
Block Time rental per hour $110
Instructor rates per hour $50

These prices include fuel and sales tax.
Curious about learning to fly?
Come take a $99 Discovery flight.

Call Daniel at 501-207-3427 to book your Discovery flight today.

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1969 Piper Aztec (N76PA)
Lets add some more details about the Piper Aztec.
I would also like to get some real pictures of it, both inside and out.

IFR Equipped with Garmin 530W, Garmin 430w, Garmin 327 Transponder, and Strikefinder   Tell a little about the aircraft, history, specs, etc....


Never exceed speed: 277 mph (240 knots, 446 km/h)
Maximum speed: 215 mph (187 knots, 346 km/h)
Cruise speed: 172 mph (150 knots, 278 km/h) at 10,200 ft (3,110 m) (long-range cruise)
Stall speed: 68 mph (59 knots, 109 km/h) (flaps down)
Range: 1,519 miles (1,320 nmi, 2,445 km) at long-range cruise
Service ceiling: 18,950 ft (5,775 m) (absolute ceiling)
Rate of climb: 1,400 ft/min (7.1 m/s)

Aircraft Rental per hour $350
Block Time rental per hour $325
Instructor rates per hour $60
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Aircraft Maintenance Sevices
Flying C has partnered with Edmonds Aviation to offer onsite aircraft maintenance sevices ranging from inspections, routine maintenance, annuals, to major engine repairs.

Contact us today for all you aircraft maintenance needs.