Short and Long Term Aircraft Storage, Private T Hangars, Crew Offices, 
​Lounge, Overnight Crew and Student Training Quarters

Private T Hangars
 Flying C Aviation offers eleven T-Hangars on the south end of the airfield at Searcy. These hangars have quick access from Main St by Elmo Everett Drive. All T-Hangars have 110v electrical drops and electric bifold doors. Ten of the hangars are 41 ft by 33 ft deep. Bifold doors are 41 ft by 12 ft tall.

The eleventh hangar is a half hangar that is 21 ft by 33 ft deep. This hangar also has a bifold door and is perfect for a small experimental or gyro.
Clear Span Community Hanger
Flying C Aviation has a 60 ft by 90 ft deep clear span hangar with a 55 ft by 16 ft tall hydraulic door. This hangar is able to fit aircraft as large as a King Air 200.

Currently, the hangar is used to store multiple aircraft and can be used for overnights. If you are interested in storing your aircraft for a long period or a short overnight contact us for details.

The community hangar has a few spots available for overnight stays or long term rentals.