Flight training for Private Pilot,
Instrument, Commercial, 
Multi-engine,  Instructor,
​Tail wheel and Seaplane ratings.

FLYING C rents a 1980 Cessna 172N IFR equiped to include a Garmin 530.
This is the best rental 172 without a Glass Panel you will find.

Single engine training and rental rate for the 172 is as follows:

Aircraft Rental per hour $120
Block Time rental per hour $110
Instructor rates per hour $40

These prices include fuel and sales tax.

Instructor rates are same for Flight Training or Ground Training.

I would come up with some other content here, to explain more about your flight training program for Student Pilots.  Maybe what to expect, things to plan for, Links to FAA requirements, estimated cost, etc...
Curious about learning to fly?
Come take a $99 Discovery flight.

Call Daniel at 501-207-3427 to book your Discovery flight today.


This is designed for new pilots with low time. 10 Hours of PIC Cross Country is required. Package includes 40 hrs flight time with instructor, 15 hrs of ground instruction, and check ride fee.
Additional time required will be charged at $110 per aircraft hr and $50 per instructor hr.

Students with more initial flight time or instrument time could have package price adjusted on case by case basis- depending on flight time needed.
Flying C is offering an initial multi-engine school for $4100. The school includes 10 hours in a Piper Aztec, Ground instruction, and the instructor for the initial price. Any required time over 10 flight hours will be charged at $410 an hour to include the instructor. This school runs around four days and requires student to do all lessons continuously.

Multi-engine lessons can be done one at a time for $350 per hour for the Aztec plus $60 per hour for an instructor to give ground and flight training.

We also offer Commercial, Instrument and Instructor ratings in Multi-engine.

Multi-engine time building is also available. Contact Daniel Cossey for details.
Redbird TD
Redbird TD Simulator $40 hr

Don't get behind in your training just because the weather has you grounded?   Come fly our Redbird TD Simulator.
It's a cost effective, FAA approved training solution.

For more details, call Daniel at 501-207-3427 or email him at dcossey@flyingcaviation.com